Approximately Eight years ago, six Morehouse College students/musicians formed the incomparable Hip-Hop Jazz fusion band called the Jaspects. There plan was to redefine jazz and boy let me tell ya…. THEY CERTAINLY did. I was very late hearing about the Jaspects. By the time that I caught word of them, I learned that they were no longer performing together. How could this be? I’ve told everyone that I knew about the Jaspects… introduced my friends to their music, got them hooked! This group has been independently creating great music in Atlanta and I had not heard of them, until it was too late!
While each member is defining his own career, their music together as Jaspects continues to inspire….. As a matter of fact, Jaspects is the inspiration for the creation of www.atlindieartists.com!

While my love for the Jaspects remained, and my support for Atlanta’s best independent artists and musicians grew, I couldn’t help but wonder how many other talented independent artists are here and who should be supported and whose music should be heard. Even more so, the people like me who may be going through something, hurting, needs motivation or just simply love GOOD MUSIC…. This is how/why www.atlindieartists.com was created!

So Artists, keep THINKING, WRITING, and CREATING because someone is listening! I know, for many artists, being independent has it’s ups and downs, but please continue to share your special gifts with the world, we need you and love you all MORE THAN YOU KNOW! And I will make it my mission to see a Jaspects reunion performance before I go on to Glory (LOL)!!!!

Forever your Fan,

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